WIP MG Zaku 2.0 J Type

somewhat related

somewhat related

So now i struggling to finish the slow WIP(or should I say I’m too lazy?)

Currently finished paint the inner frame like a week ago, hopefully other steps will finish fast (i hate work slowly ^^” )


This time I plan something different for my kit.. something not like the straight build I usually like, after all this MG 2.0 is way too plain compared to other 2.0 MG(also own  a MG  RX-178  MK- AEUG 2.0)

What i have in mind:

– Custom color scheme(not yet decided)

-Paint the inner frame(because the grey one look lame)

-Replace the tubes and spikes with metal parts i bought from MGS2U

-I not like the MG 2.0 hand so I gonna replace it with HD Builders 1/100 hand

-Add some details on armor(with plaplate)

-Use the dry transfer decal in this kit (because i sucks at water slide decal)

-Final touch with a layer of flat coat

so here is the painted inner frame, i use Achor Silver and Petronas Green for some parts and the rest of inner frame hand painted with Gaia Color’s Gunmetal



DSC03242    DSC03248

DSC03249     DSC03244

DSC03254    DSC03253

DSC03250    DSC03251



Metal spikes HQO PARTS i bought long time ago. Another metal part(for mono eye) included with this purchase(as you can see above picture)


Next step will be adding plaplate to armor and priming the whole armor

so expect another slow update from me 😦


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