The Combat Tanks Collection

Not gunpla and figure related..

So i heard from some forumer member that a cheap scale model of battle tank is available at major bookstore.. and luckily i did found it hanged at book/magazine.. i never thought this is a magazine-bundle thing haha ^^”

1st Issue of The Combat Tanks Collection magazine.. since this is the first release, they make it into promotion price,about RM9.90(super cheap!).. while the 2nd issue is priced at RM19.90 and later issues will be normally price at RM29.90

The official site can be access at and (Malaysia version)




Very nice info of tank.. from history to technical data.. make me wanna go borrow some related books at library now ^^

Subscription form included for all issue so that you will never miss any issue.. oh, there are freebies for subscriber too!

2nd Issue

3rd Issue(with free magazine binder)

The binder can hold about 15 issue of Combat Tank Collection magazine

Time for spamming tanks pic!










Overall Review

Magazine: 7/10  – Would be better if they use a better cover of magazine

Availability at bookstore:  8/10 – Any big bookstore should have this e.g. Kinokuniya and MPH.. even some 7-11 convenient store do selling this

Price 9/10: – RM29.90 is good and affordable price for this although i hope the price is remain same like 1st Issue haha

Scale Model Tank:-

Details: 9/10  -I love the small details on this scale model.. some part are closely look same to real one^^

Paint job: 7/10 – A bit horrible since this one are human(hand) painted.. A lots of this have bad paint job.. took me 1o minute to choose the good one from bookstore..

Material: 9/10 – Half diecast and half plastic..  the tank wheel made from soft pvc like material.. the display case are included too so you can display without making it dusty

17 thoughts on “The Combat Tanks Collection

  1. i have cousins who go crazy over these things. xD now i have something to show them and hopefully get them hooked on collecting these stuff 🙂 *bows before the M1A1 Abram* tank.

  2. hi bro..i manage to get 1st issue..the 2nd issue told rm19.90..juz want to ask that when we subscribe it cost will be rm29.90?as mention on subscrition form?pls clarify..sorry im noob.. 😛

    • Yes, it is RM29.90 for regular release(starting on 3rd issue and so on).. Issue 1 and 2 is selling at promo price.
      Free shipping cost for Peninsular Malaysia plus you can cancel subscription at any time(but must make 28 days notice first)

      • tq for reply..but i want to sbcribe start from issue it will be cost at rm29.90(nt at promo price am i right?)..but they stated to give free 1 on next issue..(issue 3)..tq for any help 🙂

  3. ^hmm, just to make sure.. better you subscribe starting on issue 3.. some bookstore are still selling Issue 2 🙂
    yes, they will give you next issue for free so first delivery will be 2 issue of CTC, 2nd delivery will be display case, 3rd delivery will be book binder and so on..

    • tq bro for help!!erm..ok i’ll try to find issue 2..and sbcribe to get free gift..really excited..juz started collecting tanks.. 🙂

  4. Salam sejahtera.. Saya ada terlepas beberapa siri Combat Tanks. Saya mahukan koleksi yang tidak dapat saya perolehi. Boleh ke saya untuk kesemua koleksi yang saya terlepas?? Combat Tanks salah satu koleksi yang menarik untuk disimpan sebagai kenangan lagi2 bagi mereka yang pernah berkhidmatan di dalam Angkatan Tentera. Saya salah satu yang pernah berkhidmat di dalam Unit Kereta Perisai. Terima kasih..

    • boleh, dgn borang langganan yg ada dlm setiap isu ataupun melalui
      terus dari

      NO 16 JALAN TP3,
      47620 SUBANG JAYA,

      TEL: +603-80207112/+603-80207122/+603-80207312
      FAX: +603-80207119

  5. My son age 11 wants to get some of the past issues and models. What back issues and models are available and how do I buy them. I am at Bandar Utama tel 012 2868951.

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