SD RX-75 Guntank

The first SD kit i bought in my collection.. Actually i dont really like the SD form but after  i bought and tried this SD, i got feeling “hey, this kit not so bad as i think”  ^^

Later it turn out i bought some  SD for my army collection^^;


Hand, waist and cannon can moving except that caterpillar wheel(as expected of SD kit,limited movement and gimmick


lining the caterpillar and paint the chest with Gundam Marker… i hate that obvious seam line on caterpillar =.=


i leave the pilot unpainted


i just discovered something.. see the same connector on both kit?


it turn into Zakutank!!!! :3


Kawaii desune?

how Guntank could turn be if swapped into Zaku?


I am Gunku!!!! Nice to meet you!


“Char Tai-san, what happen to your Zaku?”

-“Blown out by white devil… dammit..”


I recommend this kit to all who like simple and faster build although lack of details and gimmick

(yeah, you get what you pay) .. this kit need lots of touch-up to look nicer so mostly need

spend time on painting/removing nub mark and seam line..(dont follow me, i’m suck in gunpla anyway^^:)


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