SD MSN-04-02 Nightingale

bigger box… just look the comparison with HG box..


let see what do we have here.. Free gift?? Nightingale mini bag with keychain




Manual book



the sd look very bulky… i sealed it with Mr.Super Clear top coat before put the stickers.. the surface seem a bit rough after sprayed


come in two pair of hands and one weapon included.


the mono eye are movable and can light on..  too bad i dont have batteries to make the lighting eye..


hmmm, i thought this shield already used on Sazabi before? 


detailed the both front skirt with yellow Gundam marker pen.. look nice especially the little dots


c-connector on both front skirt.. might break the connector i move it too much


actually i want to paint the thrusters but i feel lazy(23 thrusters need to paint!)

so i leave it unpainted.. the thrusters still looking nice even without paint..

the red part inside thrusters is separate part so it easier to paint into other color


lucky the funnels are removable… i paint the tip of the funnel with gold marker pen..

It dont look so nice as the gold turn into bronze color


the claw on leg can be moving.. i still prefer fixed feet than articulated leg.


the action base almost break because it is too heavy! I recommended to use

MG action base than HG.. less chance to break but i think

its better display without stand..


comparison size with HG O gundam and SD Gouf.. still smaller than HG kits i guess..


Dendrobium still cannot beat Ninghtingale



  • Separate parts especially the thrusters and funnels
  • LED mono eye
  • It is huge!!
  • extra one pair of hand
  • some part have metallic color


  • weird joint at the smaller shoulder.. easy to broken the joint
  • the surface seem a bit rough
  • leg joint can easily become loose
  • not suitable to display with action base stand

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