Figure-rise 6 Black Lotus

Black Lotus, one of my fav in Accel World(originated from light novel; later adapted to manga and manga) is not a mecha but an avatar in Accelerated World(aka Accel World) game.

When i was first time see this, i kinda wish “it would be great if this get action figure treatment”..  not too long after recently anime aired, i found out the figma action figure get release.. i jump happily ^^

but too late i missed the preorder and not to mention the price kinda high as well.. and it the perfect time i heard a new model kit line Black Lotus from Bandai gonna out so i choose this instead ^^ (I still hoping to buy the figma version though,still in normal price later)





Design wise, although it is an avatar, it keep give me a ‘mecha’ look especially the head and arm




As you can look, she having a pair of nice bust(yes,she is female avatar so goes to real player in real life)

The bust can moving upside but not too much




Blade as main weapon.. the tip quite sharp so it kinda dangerous to assemble and play recklessly




The waist can move 360 degree without problem, she have a nice skirt there but the side skirt kinda a bit annoying since its keep falling when i try to move the legs




Black Lotus doesnt have feet so she can stand by her own. Luckily, Bandai is kind enough to give a display stand although it is just a recycle display stand you can find in gunpla



Parts swap to combat mode


Lots of parts need to swap.. head, shoulder,blade,front/back skirt and legs..



Clear effect for dash and blade part included




The stab effect hold nicely but sometimes keep falling too



Action pose kinda disappoint me, i cant do the pose from anime ..

Some parts like side skirt and knee armor keep falling make it look worse.


Final verdict:



– Good and affordable price(only cost around 1500yen)

– High details for such small figure.. for me it is a small version of MG Figurerise but the detail is remain same ^^



-Articulation sucks, hope they can improve it on their next release

-Some parts keep falling when try to posing with it


3 thoughts on “Figure-rise 6 Black Lotus

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  2. Ah for a figure this sleek I though the articulations would be great. But still quite a nice looking kit though just hovering mid air ^^. Bandai seems very generous with the effect parts in here!

    • articulation quite okay actually but some flaws make it look bad haha
      i think the next Figure-rise 6 Wild Tiger & Barnaby Brooks Jr. wont make you disappoint compared to this one

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