Bandai Digimon Reboot Omegamon

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Digimon is always my fav anime during childhood, so when they announced the Digimon plamo back in 2010 I cant hold the excitement because I like Digimon and plastic model kit.

     Digimon Reboot is introduced as its own line, no other anime series in it except Digimon(obviously, the DIGIMON Reboot).The Digimon is redesigned into something like more mecha feels and more suitable to make in model kit form.
As this moment, no info this design will appear in other Digimon anime or other form like manga, games.
I actually think this line is more like a Ver Ka of gunpla since is just a redesigned form original and not cannon, I prefer anime design but this actually not bad since Omegamon is one of my fav Digimon.

     By the time I write this, this kit is discontinued and no sign of re-release, after all its almost 4 years since the release date.If you really hardcore enough you can buy this at online auction site like Ebay for 20,000yen(yes, I’m not joking). I just lucky enough to buy this when it was out for preorder long time ago, but the retail price is not exactly cheap either,  3,800yen for HG feels model kit D:

DSC06182 DSC06184


So this is my old assembled kit and I decided to repaint. Why? Because I can! Since I can now have airbrush painting skill why not use this on my old kits? Besides I dont like the default color mold, the ugly Wargreymon’s orange forced me to paint this. The panel line on this kit become fade and smuggily too which make me decided to strip away. Everything is painted except the eyes and Grey sword wording, Metalgarurumon is painted with clear blue as final color while Wargreymon is painted with clear brown instead since I dont have clear orange. It is actually looks good on Wargreymon as the orginal color is sorta like brownish orange to me. I dont like the yellow color on this kit and its feel too cartoonish so I replace it with bright gold, the mouth(?) is hand painted with silver to match the original Omegamon design from D-Arts toys.


DSC06083 DSC06116

I hate to say this but this model kit need lots of masking, while I dont dont have problem covering the most parts, some part is really hard to cover like the stripes on chest. I screwed it badly and I redo it for 3 times, lastly I just use hand painting to cover the imperfection masking(still failed but screw it, I’m done here)

DSC06038 DSC06122

It is not only just a painted job, I just used my other modelling skills too.. the Wargreymon horn holes you actually seen on
mostly SD and HG kits, Bandai make this to cut cost for plastic molding so I filled those holes with putty and sanded it.
The original shape is still there I cant make it solid curve surface to hide it but oh well at least look better than leave it with ugly holes

DSC06164 DSC06163

Another one is fixing the broken joint, I done silly thing and forget the default peg joint that connected from torso to shoulder joint is tight  when I twisting the Wargreymon arm thus make the joint suffer from my twisting. I later trim those joints to make it move loosely. Tried to fix it with normal hobby cement bit seem like it is impossible since the part is moveable I failed it for 3 times and try another alternative. In the end I decided to make the left shoulder joint in fixed pose sacrificing the shoulder joint to move forward and back with hobby cement to glue and layer of putty to harden the bond.

This is actually works, the hobby cement melt the plastic in order to bond the part together but putty is act as another plastic surface hardening it all together, the joint now can support the arm weight without worry it will break again(unless I treat roughly like I did before).


DSC06186 DSC06187


All right, time for the articulation review, the torso can move backward and forward(only slightly as you can see the torso design barely make it move too much), the waist is 360 degree moveable so it can do any nice pose..



The leg joint is awesome, no complaint from me, the leg can bend nicely and the front feet claw is moveable.



It can do the kneeling pose like on official promotion picture.



DSC06212 DSC06213

Wings or should I call it ‘cape’ is separated into 3 part so it can move, the wings somehow heavy and sometimes fall during playing with it


DSC06193 DSC06194

DSC06195 DSC06196

The major redesign for Omegamon is the arms, Garuru & Grey arm was made more mecha like. I dont have complain with this because its definitely look cooler than original design but in model kit form Omegamon Reboot have biggest flaw, the Garuru & Grey head made larger but the arm is still short resulting the oversized head clash with shoulder armor(Grey shield & Garuru spike). This made arm posing a bit restricted(I try posing without those armor shoulder and the arm can move better). I already scratched some paint on Garuru spike shoulder armor while try to make some extreme pose with Garuru head.. urgh



DSC06198 DSC06199


2 Garuru cannons included, 1 small and 1 big, I like how detailed the cannon are especially for the big one, impressive!


DSC06201 DSC06202


Grey arm, while its supposed to be mix orange + gold, I painted with brown instead because I dont have any orange color, fortunately I got bright gold paint but I still think brown looks better..



DSC06206 DSC06207


Grey sword, whole part is in white color and not chrome molded so have to rely on sticker, the sword detail is perfectly created like the digi-word and stuff like that so you can paint it easily , I hate use sticker because of past experience with gunpla but at the same time I also lazy to paint the detail on sword so I decided to paint whole sword with silver and cut the border sticker out, looks way better now and the sticker never peel off haha..



DSC06217 DSC06220

Some extra parts included in this kit, the attachment part for posing on action base 1 and urghh AR card chip for Digimon arcade game(this totally useless to me as its only for Japan guys)




Omegamon Reboot looks good even with just standing pose.



Not much action pose I can do since I scratched some paint off and scare some other part will be if I do some extreme pose






In case you wonder how big it is,here’s side by side comparison with MG Exia Ignition Mode, Omegamon still shorter than average MG gunpla


Comparison with HGUC Nu Gundam



Reboot vs Original Omegamon(from D-Arts toys)

DSC06237 DSC06238



Final verdict, this is a very well made Digimon plamo, back in early 2000 Bandai also made the Digimon plamo, that was intended for kids with crappy joint and proportion. With nowadays technology everything is improved even the model kit made by Bandai, I feel a bit sad Bandai discontinue with this Reboot line since we already teased with Dukemon Reboot prototype  and the line art for Angemon & Devimon Reboot long time ago. But we still getting a little hope, the Digimon anime sequel was announced to be on 2015 and knowing Bandai like to make merchandise based on it we may get the rest of members and even the re-release of Omegamon Reboot, and lastly I would totally recommend the Reboot line even to non Digimon fans who like to build model kit.





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