OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon (1/144)

the sticker... have to use for face one 😦

whole hand is polycaps

too bad the face is molded into one color

not too much action pose for this kit.. but still nice for 16 years old gunpla

actually the beam sword dont have wire cable so i use from another kit

i dont like the back skirt, it keep falling each time i trying to pose my Epyon.. the thruster at backpack have same issue too 😦

lame(and loose) transformation gimmick

main weapon, the scorpion tail(i dunno what it called as) can moving

A very nice kit although this one is very old kit(but mine is reissue one so it still new lol).. lot of details too especially the leg and chest part but the articulation is a joke(i know.. i should not make fun the older release). Since i pay at cheap price,i got what i got so cannot complaint too much..

Oh well, time for me to take the MG.. the final image seem lot better than prototype one,seem they fixed the color XD

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