WIP HG Exia R2


While I a bit unmotivated with WIP for MG Zaku Custom, I still have spirit(lol?) to do some gunpla works.

I decide to make another custom kit , though it will be not as great as my MG Zaku.  Continue reading


WIP MG Zaku 2.0 J Type

somewhat related

somewhat related

So now i struggling to finish the slow WIP(or should I say I’m too lazy?)

Currently finished paint the inner frame like a week ago, hopefully other steps will finish fast (i hate work slowly ^^” )


This time I plan something different for my kit.. something not like the straight build I usually like, after all this MG 2.0 is way too plain compared to other 2.0 MG(also own  a MG  RX-178  MK- AEUG 2.0) Continue reading