MG RX-79[G] Gundam

Picked this kit as soon as i finished watch 08th Ms Team… I could say it is the most realistic Gundam series ever(no Beam spam attack,no invincible unit, no emo character or whatever) and i think i like ground unit more than typical space MS^^..

Since it is an old MG released in 2000, i dont expect anything great from this kit.. So i tried my first attempt weathering the kit using gundam marker pen.. Not too good cause i totally messed the kit^^;



No problem with arm... it bend very well

No problem with this too ... but shoulder cannot move forward and backward =_=

No problem with head.. can rotate 360 very well and still can move up and down

How the cockpit look... oh hey, got unpainted Shiro Amada too ^^

Umm, waist cannot rotate well because the middle of front skirt part blocking the way

Not-so-great leg articulation... but it can balance the body with one leg.. awesome!!

this is how far both leg can spread

Beam sabre stored on both side of the leg instead at the back like other usual MS..






  • lots of weapon
  • nice details although this one released over 10 years ago
  • the storage bag pack can store the 180mm cannon!
  • 3 pairs of hand so i can use it depending on what action i want..(less loose problem too when holding the weapon)


  • waist cannot rotate well
  • no pegs on hand so cannot hold weapon firmly
  • leg cannot bend like the one on box art..

Outdoor pictures  





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