Gunpla Commission Build


This is my 1st commission build, the HGUC Banshee is already assembled so I need to take all part off and sanding the nub marks while HGUC Unicorn the kit is entire new so i build the whole thing. Both are taking a bit time to finish and managed to get both done in late February this year.

Unicorn 01  Unicorn 02

HGUC Unicorn fully painted by airbrush, what I do is used Black as the base and Sparkling Silver as undercoat, the final color is Candy Red for most body and Candy Blue for feets and backpack, anything else is painted with Gunmetal and Bright Gold . I quite satisfied with the job as this is my 1st time doing fully painted with airbrush.


While Banshee is painted Ultimate Black for most of the body part , psycho-frame is painted with Candy Red and everything else is painted with Bright gold and Gunmetal. I ended up taking pictures for Banshee in photo booth since other client already take his Unicorn

More pictures shot:

O1  O2  O3  O4  O5


Conclusion, the commission build may be not same since I was paid to do this but I kinda enjoyed it, although there are some flaws when painted on both kit both client are quite satisfied with my works. In fact, one of the client now send me another commission build which I not yet do anything about it haha ^^

5 thoughts on “Gunpla Commission Build

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