Last post of 2013

I dunno what to write here, because I usually talk about useless stuff haha…

2013 may be not be the best year for me, even blog posts also dont have interesting stuff to write about. I mostly post one or two and poof MIA for a few month ^^”

The only memorial day for this year for me is my 1st time visit GBWC Malaysia

I have so much fun at this Expo mainly because of gunpla. Hopefully I can go another one next year

GBWC Malaysia on October. guess where is mine hehe

GBWC Malaysia on October. guess where is me hehe

Loots during GBWC

Loots during GBWC

as for WIP I also currently doing my HGUC Hazel Custom, another 2 WIP for my friends(commission build).

I guess I will post that later, for now here’s some pictures




By the time I finished write this post, it already 2014. Happy New Year! Hope your new days will be fill with new loots haha

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