New things for my collection

New loots arrived! As you can see, i bought new things every month till no time for it.. now my room is full of unwanted item so i have to sold off some gunpla and other figures ..

Hell yeah!! Miku Append arrived!! As a first batch owner, i got a free headphone accessory for figma(that thing wrapped in small black plastic just like condom lol)

Urrgh.. that small parts and sticker make me less confident to build it.. but i like the gate design  because less nubs mark when cutting.. very impressive.. XN 00 Raiser look after full colored and assembled.. i bought without magazine so i guess i will look for scan version on net later..

By the way, this conversion kit is only molded in white color..

…and what i just currently did.. yeah,painting Sinanju head base..

Figma BRS getto!

I received parcel from Postman today… It is the 2nd Figma i bought besides Suzumiya Haruhi Summer School version that reach my doorstep 2 days ago…

Probably will review it next month… dont have much time because of work..