Evangelion EVA-01 Ver2.0 Arousal Ver

I picked this plamo after tired and bored assemble gunpla… and i got poisoned by watching the movie Evangelion 2.0  You (Can) Not Advance…

Badass boxart… got Gainax hologram sticker on top right box..


only pallet gun and one progressive knife are included =.=ll


8 hands included


parts to recreate scene in the movie… nice material used for this hands! even i keep that runner for no reason ^^;


lame sticker :facepalm:


Fuel Unbilical cable… energy source for Eva… if cable are disconnect, it could last in combat

for less than 5 minutes..


putted some decal and sticker


one of the weakness… the body keep falling because loosen parts…

can be fix by applying cement and let it dry before put back.


slim leg^^


is this part look something that i know?


that black arm made from soft PVC material to make muscular arm.


progressive knife stored on both shoulder… but only left shoulder can store the knife…


how to remove the entry plug? just lower the head, pull the most back part and slowly take that entry plug..


entry plug… pilot enter this tube before controlling Eva.


i dont really care to paint this^^;


the head look evil 😆


after swapping the part on left arm and put the halo ring around the head…


lack of picture to take because this kit have limited articulation and some parts become loosen..


Hey! at least it can do kneeling pose… look better compared to gunpla i owned …


i really sure this Eva is 1/144 scale although the manual and box not mentioning it…



  • this kit feel solid than gunpla… kinda similar to action figure
  • extra add-on to recreate scene from the movie
  • less unpainted part, 80 % look same with painted one
  • the leg  can do kneeling pose


  • parts become loosen especially at abdomen part
  • lame sticker
  • some part cannot fitted properly

if you planning to take any Evangelion kit, i suggest better take action figure like Revoltech and Robot Spirit series.. this kit still need a lot of improvement… but i strongly recommend this as it can make your way of assembling a lot of fun!

5 thoughts on “Evangelion EVA-01 Ver2.0 Arousal Ver

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  2. Actually, the Evas are way bigger then a gundam. I don’t think this is 1/144 scale, as the pilot inside the “model” entry plug will be smaller then a pilot in a 1/144 gundam model kit.

  3. Evangelion unit are stated to be around 80 meter , normal Gundam standard 18 meter do the math so the ratio is 1:4.44, therefore if scale of 1`/100 should be 80cm hahaa

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