Revoltech Danboard

So, what is Danboard? Danboard or (Danbo) is a cardboard robot made by Yotsuba’s friend in chapter 28 in Yotsuba&! manga..

If you watch and read Azumanga Daioh, you should try this series as well..(made by same creator) and till now 10 volume manga already released and still ongoing..



For some reason, this figure quite popular with DSLR photographer thus high demand and rising price (by scalper of course).. But i quite lucky, this figure already made for 2nd production so i fast grab it for preorder and bought it for RM90 instead for scalper price(RM150-170).. too much different price right?




I like how the packaging box look.. quite resemble Danbo itself especially the color and rough cardboard surface.. there also a Danbo face on top of box..



Some pamphlet of future Revoltech figure and Revol point(must be for use in Japan)


Simple packaging.. not too much accessory included


For those who curious, this figure is not made from real cardboard although the color look exactly like cardboard..

The box skirt almost cheat me thinking this figure is a real cardboard.. the thickness look same though..


One thing that made this action figure worth to buy: The lighting eyes

As you can see at above picture, there is a switch for turning on the Danbo’s eyes.. maybe is this the reason many DSLR photographer like it?


2 LR44 cell batteries require and it is already included in this package..



It seem left eye is brighter than right eye =_=”

A real person revealed!

A display base with “Yotsuba&! Enjoy Everthing” word on it.. there is small part on base to connect Danbo’s left leg with dispaly base.


Overall Review:

Detail: so nice.. especially the box detail and color.. but seem the Mini Amazon Danbo is more detail than normal Danbo

Articulation: I expect this is a good action figure since it have Revol joint but seem i wrong.. this one have limited movement than normal Revoltech.. actually i already know this one could be bad before i decide to buy another word: THIS ONE IS NOT FOR PLAY.. but Danbo is good for photoshoot and display so still a worth buy for me.. be careful with joint, some part become loose like the leg part

Value for collection: High value! Since it is so popular and become rare in the next year i advise not to resell it back.. lot of owner is not a figure collector so it might hard to know the real value of this..


Thats all for now.. i will add my outdoor photoshoot later in this page.. Stay tuned!

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