Newly arrived loots

A random loots appear! *Insert Pokemon battle theme*

It is a Black Lotus model kit and my fav anime character Dukemon! I just finished watch both anime so that’s the main reason i purchased this.. If you familiar with Accel World, you should know Black Lotus 🙂

I just surprised Bandai actually make this into model kit.. the  Figure-Rise 6 line is also a news to me XD

Dukemon, ah suddenly make my wallet hurts badly because the price is twice higher than normal D-Arts action figure. But lucky enough i managed to pre-ordered this early so it is 8% off price! I also cant wait to play and review this badass baby XD


managed to get this in July from Ebay.. To tell you the truth, i actually quite disappointed with service there.. there are too slow response and i need to send at least 3 times notification to them to send my item! Luckily, the price for D-Arts is a normal retail price as many place online have sell this usually sold out.. so Ebay(maybe) is my last place for hunting for some rare and sold out item 😐

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