Lowyat.net x Pla-Zone winner announcement time!

A bit late for posting this since the GB event already ended 2 weeks ago..

For the snap build category:

1st: PG Astray Red Frame(modeled by gunpla student)


2nd: MG Hyaku Shiki HD ver.(modeled by duelmasterng

3rd: MG Exia (modeled byshauno)



For the OOB category:

1st: 1/100 NG Tieren Ground Type(modeled by ASAP)


2nd: LBX Elysion(modeled by ascentic)

3rd: HGUC Geara Zulu Guard Type(modeled by Neofusion)



For special award:

LYN award:  HGUC Delta Gundam(modeled by asuk)


PLA-ZONE award: MG Sinanju KA(modeled by newtype 1977)


International modeler award: HGUC GM Ground Type(modeled by mechaion)


Congrats for all winners!

Here are some pictures for group build display at during Sungei Wang GWC(credits for Club-Gunpla for the pictures)










































No picture for my entry during Sungei Wang GWB because i have some problem to go to event place.. but here is my online entry:


Looking forward for next group build!



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