BTF Full Saber GN Sword IV Review

A bit late for review since i got other works to do.. anyway, here is my not-so-helpful review



About same size with HG box. No fancy art box just like any normal gunpla..



Instruction Manual


Also a simple design like the box.. the back manual remind me with Death Note for no reason lol





Total Runners = 4

So how’s the plastic quality? I would say quite good for a third party company..


Comparison with Bandai clear green runner.. seem like Bandai one is a bit darker than BTF. Other runner’s color seem look exactly same with Bandai except this one.. I top coated all the clear green to prevent any visible scratch




Detail on parts quite nice but still cant beat Bandai

Bandai really like making useless details on non visible area =.=


Freebies(Only for 1st batch)



So what should i call this? a glass medal? not sure what should i do with this.. maybe i will treat this as jewelery lol




2nd freebie is a clear green ring to put all GN Bits.. so i try to figure how to put that ring with Action Base 1 and 2 but totally fail..  the only clue is a piece of this paper 


a bit disappointed because the sword handle is molded with white color instead with grey..

and it is missing a normal GN Drive cone at the back




After assembly






After attached to MG Quanta















Plastics quality:  Nice and quite easy to cut and clean nub marks since the gate connector is softer than Bandai.. the plastic surface are less glossy than Bandai so i think flat coat are unnecessary..

Details:  Nice and also easy to panel lining but it is only at certain parts.. i think BTF is still lacking details on parts unlike MC Models i assembled long time ago..

Building process: Totally enjoying building this! Its too simple till i can assemble without referring to instruction manual  😆

Playability:  Cant do much sword holding pose because the sword handle doesnt have hole for MG hand to stay in fix position..

and this one are less gimmick unlike Hobby Japan HG conversion kit.

Price: Totally worth your money since it is a cheaper alternative than buying a resin kit.. and with freebies bundled with 1st batch, it make my spend double worthy 😆






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