New loots!

Finally, it is arrived!  Kita! Kita! Kitaaaaaaaaaaa!!


as i mentioned in previous post, this one really got 2 freebies.. the jewel medal thing and a round GN Bit display stand…

I will start build tomorrow as these thing need a bit touch up rather than a straight build..


meanwhile another item arrive same day from a different seller and courier delivery service..









BRS in Cheerful mode… hhnnnnnngggggggg.. :faintinmoeness:

and before i forget, Happy Chinese New Year for all.. Hope your day blessing with new gooding new item like me XD


6 thoughts on “New loots!

  1. Ah yes… 2012… The year where our wallets will meet their doom… Left and right non-official add-ons, kits and whatnots are on the rise.

    Oho, a BRS Cheerful version, she looks so happy. =)

    • yup, but this year i not going to spend like no tomorrow due to studying at my college 😦
      gunpla, no much i can buy.. but for action figures and pvc.. yes, some of them really poisoning me
      haha, BRS-chan is totally happy (but my wallet no happy)

    • that Full Saber 99% look like Bandai kit.. and it is made in Japan..
      oh,that Cheerful BRS is full size nendoroid so you can change face plate or head with normal BRS nendoroid..

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