Latest Works

My latest WIP in the past 2 weeks.. completing my  Gundam Ace 1/48 Sinanju head display stand.. and also did repaint for Unicorn..

So how did i paint the Sinanju’s emblem? From this tutorial i understand that enamel paint and thinner wont react on lacquer base paint.. so in this case i use lacquer base as emblem and enamel for covering all the emblem part.. after dried, i use cotton bud with enamel thinner to remove the emblem part that i was painted black before..

Final Result.. not bad for a noob painter(me).. the wash job is nightmare though.. i dont have an airbrush kit and there is no enamel spray can in sale so i handpainted for enamel black..






and the rest parts i just hand painted with Gaia Color.. hmm, seem like i apply layer too thick..By the way, i only repaint entire v-fin for Unicorn so i think useless for display Unicorn mode(if only they include separate horn just like MG =.=”)


^what a dirty paintjob..


Thats all for now.. i think i will learn painting more after this WIP.. kinda disappoint with this one… haha anyway i already pay the preorder for BTS GN Sword IV.. should arrive to my address within this week.. cant wait to play that bigass sword^^



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