Good news for 00Qan T Full Saber lover! A conversion kit have been produced by BTF company(from Japan if i remember)..


..and this kit is fully mold in color unlike conversion kit for Hobby Japan magazine.



Oh hey, it comes with free gift.. 2gift! ^This one is err… a display base?



Another free gift.. a ring for displaying GN Bits around MG Qan T.. and if you see the runners pic below,this one is mold in transparent green just like GN Bits part..



..and how its look. hmm, why still got GN Bits on left side? :facepalm:

About the price,quite nice actually.. around 20-30 USD if you can find online..

I already preordered this one from local shop so price might be differ though.


…meanwhile my MG Qan T keep leaning to left side no matter what i do..  so getting Full Saber kit might balance this Qan T^^

More update will inform once i get the kit..


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