WIP RG Zaku II Part 2


Anything look great so far until this happened 😥

the part that connect pipe and spring break for no reason thus i thinking to reglue back using cement, but that part stuck in the spring

and i forced the spring to take out… and the result is at above pic 😦



Done build including putting decal.. somehow put decal take longer than assembly lol..

but i like RG with decal so have to put it.. oh btw i sanded whole Bazooka with 1000 grit sandpaper and use Coarse polishing to hide obvious scratches..

Not in mood for review because i feel something missing there..

Meanwhile i take some snapshot of it







Conclusion: RG = Miniature PG kit with fragile and limited articulation

but this one is not my last RG kit, maybe will get another release of RG(Freedom or RX-78-2 Gundam?)





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