WIP RG Zaku II Part 1

Finished the whole inner frame for 2 hours.. Somehow i enjoying build this.. Maybe because it is easier to cut and clean the nubs mark..

The inner frame seem fragile but i managed to avoid unnecessary broke part(but still i cant brain why many people complaining the  inner frame from first RG easy to break)


…and i painted some part at the thruster with Tamiya Silver Chrome. I will  resume some painting later


4 thoughts on “WIP RG Zaku II Part 1

  1. Well I guess some people just didn’t know where to bend the part at first glance (especially the knee) and accidentally applied too much force.
    Even I also managed to get a white stress mark from RG RX-78-2’s leg. After that I always put the inner armor parts before loosening the joints in every RG kits after it.

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