New Loots

Some item arrived this week..


At first i thought the seller sent wrong item because i dont order Kamen Rider stuff.. It turned out just a packaging for my figure..(lol)


Revoltech Danboard from Yotsuba&!.. i managed get the reissue figure on Gwing Hobby Shop.. this is the first time i buy non gunpla stuff from Gwing.. I also start preodering some figure too..


Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!! Its finally here!! Nendoroid Miku Cheerful version bought from Kuroneko Toys^^

Actually this figure should arrive on mid July , but some problem happened when shipping which not only me get delay..

Hopefully no delay problem for my 2nd Cheerful Ver Nendoroid too..


…and i rebuy this Full Saber again..  the reason i buy it because the price is totally cheaper than magazine bundle which i got(and resell back) long time ago..

RM25 without magazine is good deal compared to RM110 magazine bundle(wtf!), even someone told me can get cheaper at MPH Bookstore for RM12.50.. but i guess mine is cheap enough so dont really care..Anyway, i not gonna start building this kit too soon as i also sell my HG Quanta and the sticker.. Also, its about time to review some things from my room..  looking forward to it!

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