WIP HGUC Geara Zulu Part 2

Im forgot to update blog lol

I found nice way to get rid obvious nub mark.. This also a good way to cover visible scratches and make your kit a bit glossy without using gloss coat..

I sanded the part with different grid(low to highest) then, with Tamiya Polishing Compound

i slowly rub it with cotton bud.. (kinda like polishing a car)


The effect after polishing.. See the different? Not a bit shiny cause i not using special cloth for polishing plus i use the coarse type(got fine and finishing type but i dont like too glossy effect lol)



Done! Take long time to finish because i need to clean the mess the white part for wrist..

Painted all the outer thruster with military blue and silver chrome for inside thruster.. Look good for first time attempt, i guess i will paint all thruster on my next project.. Now i currently working to renovate my old kit which is MG Gundam OYW i finish long time ago..




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