Well, not exactly a new kit assemble.. i decide to ‘renovate’ my old kit which i got nearly 2 years ago..

this is what i will do:

1. Clean the nub marks, as i dont use hobby knife when i totally new to gunpla..(now the nub marks turn into yellowish)

2.Paint the psycho frame… i still can stand the whole body but not for X-shape clear part from shield.. the color too lame(while i will paint the clear part shield,why not the whole clear part too)

3. Some part will be paint custom(i will use color that have almost like anime accurate)


^Done disassembled the whole part.. still lots of old kit need to touch up too


3 thoughts on “WIP HGUC Unicorn NT-D

  1. Oh I kinda doing this on my old kits too. Disassemble everything, and clean all up. Make sure not to break anything in the process. 😀 I break my F91 recently so I have to cannibalize my Crossbone parts. X(

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