Summer Wonfes 2011

Darn it GSC… why you did this to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


anyway some thing that catch my attention..

shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku ika musume! kyun!

^Do want! in my wishlist long time ago.. now my dream become true! Thanks GSC!



^Haqua and Elsie from The World God Only Knows II

definitely on my list(but if exclusive release i will skip)


^Figma BRS Game ver.

I like her but since this is game ver, i bet the release will be exclusive bundle game like White Rock Shooter

so will skip for sake of my money.. beside, i already got my Ova version


^damn, another BRS variation? I like her outfit and the sword(i wonder can use on my gunpla too lol)

oh yes, please be regular release.. onegaishimasu!!!


^Meiko nendoroid… now main Vocaloid become complete already


^Miku Append nendoroid

just as keikaku..   since figma already announced, nendoroid should follow too

She in my list now.. ^^


^Unknown nendoroid spotted.. the bird reminded me with Chocobo from Final Fantasy series game

not sure if want..


^Ohana nendoroid from Hanasaku Iroha

not poisonous enough… maybe the inn worker outfit dont turn me on lol..


^Errr… who gonna buy this?


^HHHHHHHGGGGGNNNNNNN!! Erio from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko



My list for this year:

Figma Miku Append(paid the deposit,August release)

BRS Puchitto Support version(paid the deposit, November release)

Figma Miku Support version(not yet made the preorder,not sure if want)

Figma Makise Kurisu(already released but all local shop seem run out of stock, will buy later cause this one is not limited release)


so, i think i will stop buy gunpla foe a while. seem lots of unassemble lying in my room.. want to  focus on that first.

MG Seven Sword nah, maybe i will wait for next year..  my display shelf seem full already(maybe some kit need to say good bye soon too)



4 thoughts on “Summer Wonfes 2011

  1. Looking great all of the figures, but the ones that catch my attention where the BRSs, but contrary to what you think, I consider the game ver. BRS won’t be a exclusive(game bundle), that’s because WRS is all ready the game blundle exclusive, let’s hope that’s the case… if not, may be, she is a semi-exclusive and is bundle with here bike (shown on other pics of the WonFes as a picture below her).

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