Dengeki Hobby Jan 2010 review

I know this is an old stuff but i review it anyway…

PG 00 Raiser poster

random stuff...

MG Goku look nice ^^

History of grandpa...

1/100 scale released in 1980

Which one you like?

Yeah, right... (=_=)

HGUC Unicorn released (i gonna get it soon)

already got mine (^^)

PG 00 Raiser review

lot of complicated stuff... i dont think i will take PG(maybe lol)

dat leg!! dat leg!! it can support the bottle filled in water! as expected for PG kit ^^

this is how REAL Guntank look


oh my Nozomi

*nose bleed*

long time no see this(my childhood play although i dont own Tamiya one)


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