Hobby Japan March 2011 review

Got this magazine last week. Oh well, i bought it mainly for 00 Qan[T] sticker..

Lucky this one is cheap one unlike 2 magazine i bought before..

Page 02-35 mainly focus on the cover’s main attraction(space battleship)

Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G featuring GPB-X80-30F(Beginning 30 Gundam),

GPB-X78-30(Forever Gundam) and MSN-04 (Sazabi GPB Custom).

Okay, in order to get sharp part like v-fin, i need to color the excess part first

and cut it with nipper or hobby knife.. Very nice technique from pro modeler.


^6 pages review for MG ReZEL Commander type..

Nobell Gundam(i might get it for my collection)

Freedom Astray Gundam modeled by Seira Masuo.. Very nice work!!

Heck, i would prefer this over the original Freedom anytime!

By the way, this kit is only HG but the details is so much like MG.

^Dunno why, the head keep reminded me with Seravee look

5 pages of tutorial for making damaged battle Gouf Custom.

Very nice indeed, i hope i can do that on my Gouf too..

Full Saber sticker guide on page 085.. Should this one count as Designer Color too?

The sticker(sorry, picture a bit blur)

Oh crap, it seem this one is not the ordinary sticker on usual gunpla. It need to cut

with hobby knife, dip it in water and fix the position with cotton bud.

This is sticker or water slide decal? Dammit, putting decal is my least favorite

in building gunpla. If i screw it, it will over for me..

Nice poster of both side..

^Composite Ver.KA Haruhi Bunny version..

I heard that mecha can attach with Figma figure too.. It would be nice if IS(Infinite Stratos)

get same treatment from Katoki.

FAPFAPFAP(i not referring to that Shinkiro)

Knight Gundam featured in Gundam Musou 3 game. I can already see which

kit will be reuse for if this one get MG treatment like Musha RX-78-2 and MK-II

I thought this mecha is from Code Geass? Guess i wrong lol..



I will get her soon along with Miku Append figma..

^What is this i dont even-

Free gift with McDonald meal?

There is no way Zaku can be this cute!!! Damn, i might as well getting this..

That’s all for today.. Now i deciding which kit should i build next..

Too much to decide, put poll on this blog..?  Yeah, maybe

that can help me decide ^^


3 thoughts on “Hobby Japan March 2011 review

  1. You mean that those so-called stickers are really… oh dear…

    Katejina, that’s one girl I’d happy to have in the cockpit together. 😉

    Ah, I see you are poisoned with a bunch of figmas, eh? XD

  2. I’m pretty sure those are clear stickers. I’m not sure why the modeler would cut the decal with it’s backing and stick it in water, but maybe it helps the sticker stick better.
    Oh and that’s no Zaku. lol

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