I am somewhat skeptical…

Enough said… and with the previous two RGs major problem(hand popping out,skirt fall down)

i think i will skip RG.. yeah, maybe at this moment..


6 thoughts on “I am somewhat skeptical…

  1. Nice edits on the picture. XD
    I suspect that Meiling will get knifed, soon…

    The wings can move or not, it’s quite tempting for me. =D

  2. Well, if a PG turns into HG size, sure enough alot of parts also getting fragile also.

    & 1 more thing, the wings can’t bend, like before takes off.

    I don’t know man, I think I get it, into Strike Rouge. Had the IWSP pack, hope it fits. ^^

  3. Hahahaha, what’s with the first picture, very funny 😀
    The popping out in RG line can be handled with the double tape though (except the hands which is such a PITA)…. 😀

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