WIP MG Aile Strike Gundam (Part 1)

Sorry for late update.. i still in shocked mode for what happened 2 weeks ago in Japan so

i rarely online.. anyway, i managed to completed the head and torso part

I have problem to paint the vulcan head.. too narrow to paint even attempting to use with my Tamiya tiny brush..

In the end, i just take lining pen and colored it

Full color prototype for RG  is already out..

For what i see, it turn out well

My opinion with the RG ver:

  • Head a bit oversize,maybe just me(haha)
  • Front skirt too short if compared to MG and PG
  • the rifle color is wrong,no?
  • the color not too dark,but i like this color compared to MG

the articulation still not shown yet, but i really sure this kit already pawned the MG and PG kit..

but i still resist against the RG.. not really good when building with small part like RG’s inner frame


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