WIP RX-79[G] Gundam(Part 4)

very slow wip.. managed to weathering 2-3 days ago…

not really good.. the weather effect not ‘dirty’ enough so i touch up

until it look like this

used GM28 Mud Brown for legs and entire waist part,GM30 Rust Red

for entire arms and shield… look great so far

by the way, i picked this at hardware shop.. those who live in Malaysia

should know this brand. I bought for RM5.99 (400ml) can..

and so i tried it and the effect is..

GLOSS!! too bad it is not flat/matte.. but it look better on certain model like Sinanju or Sazabi or to keep metallic coating shiny..

This week i will continue weathering with the rest of the part..


7 thoughts on “WIP RX-79[G] Gundam(Part 4)

  1. hi there, i’ve been thinking on using anchor clear spray as coat, and you have tried it. so it’s gloss eh? can do enamel wash over it?
    will it have effects on paint?

    • hmm,still not try yet…
      the Anchor spray is a lacquer paint so should be no problem if use enamel wash over it..
      P/S: avoid spray too thick on surface for better result

  2. Dammit,my sweaty hand have fade the paint away…
    need to seal another layer of top coat but i run out of top coat to use 😡

    so i need to suspend this WIP for a while 😦

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