WIP RX-79[G] Gundam(part 3)

Finally,done topcoated all the parts… and no,i dont weathering the kit yet as the picture above… That is the whitish effect after i use flat coat..

Anyone mind explain why this happen?

Anyway, this week i received some loots for my collection.

And no gunpla for me instead i bought… some figure from XL Shop..(i NEVER buy gunpla from this shop because it is too expensive)

mecha figures from anime “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”

The anime itself have poison me buy this

Kurisu Makise my nendo i waited since preorder…

and the figma version make me feel “hhhnnnggg!!”

will be release around June.. good time for saving money i guess..

8 thoughts on “WIP RX-79[G] Gundam(part 3)

  1. Hey, that’s a frosting effect from the topcoat. It happens when the temperature is too cold, so just make sure it’s above 70 degrees Fahrenheit before spraying and you should be fine. Trying to warm up the can a little might be good too (not too much though, it’s explosive!)
    Hope that helps! You can strip the frosting with lacquer thinner

  2. You could use the whiting effect as dusting effect. XD

    Ahahn~! *Aya Shameimaru-style* figma Makise hits you, eh?

    In Malaysia, top coating coats you. XD
    (Malaysia has an average of 37′ celcius (that’s 98′ Fahrenheit) on sunny days, without air conditioning).

  3. Straight spray the parts on sunny day ?

    What I want to know is;

    Did bro actually spray under hot sunny day ? ‘coz it ain’t happen like that, unless it was sprayed indoor although its sunny outside.

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