WIP SD Nightingale(part 2)

Finally finished snap-fitted the kit.. take long time to finished because i have hard time assemble the leg.

as you can see, at step 32  i broke one of the E14 connector part

It seem after i fix it with cement,the right leg feel loose…

Now i waiting the free time to top coat the kit, maybe this weekend(if not raining)



17 thoughts on “WIP SD Nightingale(part 2)

  1. Holy… this guy is RED. 3x redder than your average Char MS unit. XD
    Also, his *ahem* is quite… uhh… “terrorizing”? XD

    p.s. I just notice your blog’s tagline. OSHI~! O_O

  2. bd77 :

    I think your lighting makes him “glow”. =D

    Arrgh~! Yukkuris! Yukkuris everywhere~!
    /o\ <-covers head symbol.

    Thanks for subscribe!! Lol that tagline i copied from somewhere.. Touhou maybe?
    bro you also from Malaysia? which state you live?

    • No problem (actually I did hit the subscribe button last week but didn’t function so had to do it manually).
      Yes, from Touhou games. =D
      Yukkuris… Ayaya…

      Kuantan, Pahang, da ze.

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