WIP SD Nightingale

Finally my item arrived 2 days ago… I decided to work on this first to test the quality of ‘bootleg’ kits.

Actually, i would rather called this as custom kit because it dont use any Bandai’s mold runner…

I like the thin gate on runner,easier to cut and hide the nubs mark.

The plastic quality are 96% same with Bandai but this one less shiny and less smooth surface..

I decided to top coat this kit to have same look with the box picture…


This kit need some cement work because some parts dont fit properly and become loose..

I broke the shoulder connector when tried to remove back

and the broken connector are stuck in the hole so i cannot pull it back..

40% completed(Head,torso,shoulder armor and the backpack with tank)


will continue snap-fit with the rest of the parts tonight




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