First loots of this year

Hell yeah, my first loots this year finally received today..

but which so many great things to buy, i forgot most gunpla still unassembled and lying in my room

plus, in few month later, my wallet gonna broke soon

Anyway, here is my gold treasure …

bought cement and gundam marker eraser pen from Gwing…

finally i can fix my broken Gouf Custom and as precaution in case any gunpla broke any parts…

and the gundam eraser marker, i hope this can fix or remove any mistake while painting my kits..

i sucks at painting,i donno why

MG oo Qan[T]!!! My first time buying lastest MG… Mostly i bought old kits.. hope  this kit

can improve my building skill…i expect this building will start on this May…

Yatta!! Gundam Ace Jan 2011 with Sinanju Head Stand i bought it from profpoyo, a forumer

from Lowyat.Net.. A bit expensive but screw this, i cannot find it anywhere plus most place

probably sold out… By the way, i still searching for Hobby Japan magazine with GN Sword Full Saber

but could not find it anywhere

the book so thick and heavy… like dictionary or encyclopedia

if i buy from bookstore, the price will be cheaper than this..

^i need to review this before starting build my next kit…


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