My future kit (>_<)

I tempted to buy this! It is SD Nightingale!! Although a bit expensive(selling for RM90/USD28), this kit is pre-painted and with LED!!! By the way, this kit is not from Bandai(yeah, blame Bandai for not making any Nightingale kit 😦 )its from MC Model from China which famous with this Nu Gundam

This kit will arrive on next week… maybe delay due to Christmas and New Year holiday so i expected next year month will got.. 😆  Anyway, the stocks are running low so i contacted the seller to reserve the item… also i’m still waiting for Gundam Ace Jan 2011 with Sinanju  bust stand but no update from seller since Dec 7 😦  Oh my,too much buying stuff.. i’m better start saving for my own camera because currently i borrowing my family ‘s digital camera to take pictures :facepalm:


15 thoughts on “My future kit (>_<)

  1. Uish, I didn’t realize bro putting my blog link until I look at the Nu Gundam link haha !

    But seriously it does look nice man, good finding ! Now, share the buyer to me also. =)

    If only you had credit card, you should get it thru Amiami already. Mine received like few weeks already, start to think of painting scheme. =)

  2. I’m not sure got chance to get this kit or not leh, I see in Lowyat already low in stocks (9 left), but I know the supplier, always came to Hobby Kingdom punya, bringing his stocks of resin kit, he drove a white Wira etc hahahaha~

    Nah I join preorder that badass comic mag along with 2 more peeps, include postage? RM100 per head, ugh pain. But the Gundam Ace book is very fun to read la, especially the 4 komas.

    Try look for more friends to order it thru Amiami, max 3 per order tu.

  3. In terms of thickness, Dengeki Hobby/Hobby Japan can fight punya haha..^^” Hobby mag tends to mix around other stuff bah, that’s why sometimes freebies not quite appealing, like the Full Saber set for Quanta, totally dislike it. The only freebies I want (still is) is for AoZ series, darn.

  4. Hi, it’s Zack here from gunplapricehunter and just want to let you know that we have open a new online gunpla pricing site.

    Feel free to visit.


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