WIP HGUC Hi-Nu part 1

There it is.. i going to build my Hi-Nu that i just bought last week for only RM60(19 USD).. quite cheap right?

I will build mostly at night(8pm-11pm) so it might be slow progress(>_<) maybe in 3-4 night for clean build only 😆

Arre? it already 8pm now? Sorry guys,i’m going to build it now… yosh, mission startto!!


13 thoughts on “WIP HGUC Hi-Nu part 1

  1. Ah orang kita bah ! Haha, Exposed ur name in the package lolz !

    Well, added urs into my family of gunpla.

    Going to get HGUC Sinanju ? We did held a Groupbuild with other bloggers here, in the INternet. =)

    • hehe thanks for visited^^
      my full information is safe as the camera light blurred it 😆

      thanks for link.. i already put into mine blogroll =)

      I already bought HGUC Sinanju… just that i dont have confident build it(you know what i mean,the gold parts) need more training in tiny painting..

      Phew, just completed assemble head,torso, shield and weapon part.. tomorrow i want to build hands and funnels..

      • Oro ? No confident ? Just spray over a layer of Mr.Hobby Gold or any gold ya like, top coat matt/gloss it ya good to go for touch up, easier & convenient.

  2. What?? 19USD?? That’s very very very cheeeeaaappp, good luck in making Hi-Nu. 🙂
    Too bad the HG Hi-Nu’s weapon is single color… The other parts are nice.

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