What a bad day…

I screwed my first review =_=  … I planning to take shot outside but it raining non stop…plus my room space quite small for photography.. While i trying to pose  my Gouf Custom,i accidentally snapped right leg joint… oh well, i gonna postpone this kit for a while… Tomorrow i going to build HGUC Hi Nu^_^ so i hope no more silly mistake anymore..


2 thoughts on “What a bad day…

  1. Greetings. =D

    Yes, if you’re in Malaysia, its our usual round of monsoon season (aka our “winter”).

    You wat… that doesn’t sound good. Which part of the joint that got… um… snapped?…

    Good luck on your up coming kit. =D

    • Thanks for visit! Yeah, bad season for outside photography ^^”
      i snapped right back knee joint.. gonna to fix with cement..will add the picture later for future reference for modeler out there…

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