Figma BRS getto!

I received parcel from Postman today… It is the 2nd Figma i bought besides Suzumiya Haruhi Summer School version that reach my doorstep 2 days ago…

Probably will review it next month… dont have much time because of work..



6 thoughts on “Figma BRS getto!

      • My thought is that it doesn’t make any sense to put a Japanese name in western format, because it’s a Japanese name. Just like how it wouldn’t make sense to put an English name into eastern format.

        That stuff really gets on my nerves. :0
        If I see someone putting the names right & wrong then I consider that they don’t know a thing.

  1. Eh careful ar, Figma BRS quite fragile while removing the plastic yo. Mine was snapped as soon as the plastic teared off. Lucky got 1 glue stick on it ’til now..^^”

    What an exp for my 1st Figma….

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